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Mexc Global

MEXC Global is a leading digital asset exchange that provides investors with a secure and reliable trading platform.


Launched on November 15, 2017, CoinTiger is one of the leading centralized exchanges with a trading volume of hundreds of millions $ in 24 hours.


Bitget is a Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange that empowers over 20 million users across 100 countries with a focus on copy trading and various smart trading tools.


Poloniex is a global crypto centralized exchange (CEX) platform backed by Justin Sun, founder of Tron.


Launched on 28 December 2019 and advised by founder Roger Ver, Azbit is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers spot crypto trading and crypto wallets.


BITKAN is a centralized exchange that was launched in 2012 more than ten years of operation have won the trust of many investors in the cryptocurrency field.


CetoEX is a centralized exchange based in Dubai, UAE. It supports crypto no fees deposit & low fees withdrawal.


BitMart is a centralized exchange that provides crypto asset trading and investment services to over 9 million users around the globe. is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange where users can find a large number of crypto coins and tokens to trade. The platform supports over 1400 cryptocurrencies with over 2500 trading pairs. currently has more than 12M+ users and a daily trading volume of billions $.

TOFUNFT is the largest multichain NFT marketplace that lives on 30+ EVM-compatible public chains, focused on GameFi.

OGGY Swap will launch on Web3 Decentralized, it allows users to use to exchange any token. The utility brought will be optimal for the project when it is allowed to customize the percentage of burn by token on each transaction made on OGGY Swap.
Our prepaid crypto card offers convenience by allowing you to send crypto directly from your DeFi wallet for purchases with the OGGYPAYMENT. This will eventually save time & money, and also provide increased security & privacy.
OGGY Wallet Detective is an application released by the Oggy Inu organization to assist users in managing crypto assets conveniently and with many useful features to help investors quickly check the level of safety of any smart contract.
Tax Buy/Sell 10% on DEX
Tax Buy/Sell 0% on CEX
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Tax Buy/Sell 3% on DEX
Tax Buy/Sell 0% on CEX
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