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With the goal of becoming the Top 1 Cat meme in the World.

We are completely confident in our vision and mission.

Let’s do it!

OGGY Swap will launch on Web3 Decentralized, it allows users to use to exchange any token. The utility brought will be optimal for the project when it is allowed to customize the percentage of burn by token on each transaction made on OGGY Swap.
Our prepaid crypto card offers convenience by allowing you to send crypto directly from your DeFi wallet for purchases with the OGGYPAYMENT. This will eventually save time & money, and also provide increased security & privacy.
OGGY Wallet Detective is an application released by the Oggy Inu organization to assist users in managing crypto assets conveniently and with many useful features to help investors quickly check the level of safety of any smart contract.
Total Supply 420,000,000,000 OGGY
Tax Buy/Sell 0.9% on DEX
Tax Buy/Sell 0% on CEX
Contract Address on Ethereum
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OggyInu is a token derived from the impromptu meme market.
Not affiliated with any broadcast or production agency.
Everything is a brand new name OggyInu.
And now - OggyInu will build this separate ecosystem.


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